Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Its all happening!!

Well its all happening for me right now! Busy Busy Busy.

1. My kitchen renovations are underway - demolition and installation due 4th October.
2. 3 1/2 weeks until I go to Bali for a relaxing holiday- albiet relaxing under a cloud of hightened terrorist threats
3. I have passed all eye tests to get the go ahead on my lasik eye surgery! - throw away these damn glasses on 20th October.
4. I pick up the latest member to my family Sept 2nd (ish). A beautiful little girl Jack Russel I have named Poppy - POP for short...so thats Bob and Pop from now on! I am very excited! and so will be Bob after he picks up his bottom lip
5. Making enquiries into flying to America for a friends wedding in April next year - will give me a chance to catch up with my friends I haven't seen in 10 years!

So thats just the tip of the iceberg. I have so many things to look forward to...and can honestly say that I am really happy. They say good things comes to those who wait but sometimes you have to make the good times happen....

Till next time folks...take care!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Maybe some time between posts

Hi All

I may not be on the ol blogger for a little while after this blog due to the unavaliability of a computer to blog from. In trying to make a good impression at work decided that I won't be surfing for a while including the blog site. So until I get a computer of my own blogging will be sporatic for me.

But perhaps I should leave you with a tale, a tale that it true and a tale that I personally won't be forgetting for many years to come. Enjoy the laugh at my expense!

I know that at times I can appear slightly skewiff, I have my blonde moments and I have moments of brilliance but I don't think this is one of those brilliant moments.

The other day I got up to work. It was a Monday. The night before I readied myself for the working week and got my outfit out for the next morning (I am quite an organised person by nature). My outfit was carefully chosen and working in the city I want to try and appear the part. So I put my labelled skirt on and a trendy top and jacket. Finshed off with belt and black boots.

I drove to the train station and recall thinking to myself that the train was late and the ramp was filling up with people. We squeezed into the train and I couldn't find anything to hang onto. Along I went across the city on the 15 min hike to my office building. Blissfully unaware.

Towards mid morning I found myself getting stuck into work and chatting to everyone and chit chatting abou the weekend just gone. I stood at the photo copier and then I thought "hmm that boot feels funny". Looking casually down my outfit I suddenly felt and imflamtion of my cheeks as I realised that I had mistakenly put on two entirely diffent boots!!! Funny thing is that they are the same heel height but not in length. One to the shin,,, and one to the knee. GOOD LOOK perhaps my version of the 80's fashion comeback.

My collegues, family and friends are still getting good milage outta the phopar!

Take care and will check in on you all when I can. Take care XX

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

General Goss

Well I'm having a lunch break right now and thought perhaps I should update everyone on my life. I will try to keep it brief as I am trying to chug down some leftovers of Spag bog whilst I type.

WORK - Well here I am in the big city once more, views of Kings Park (I know Nic you have river views). The work is great. My team terrific, fun and helpful and my boss well its great to be back working with her. No regrets on my decision.

HOME - Still looking for a buddy for Bob. I get so guilty everyday to leave him alone. He must be bored of sleeping 20 hours a day! Assuming that is what he does. I have the plans for my renos and have started collating all my documentation to take to the finance broker next week! I could be cooking up a storm for friends in my brand new kitchen in as little as 10 weeks.

LOVE - well didn't that die a quiet death. After much anticipation that this guy Ash, would be the type to want to get to know me I haven't heard from him. Last time he and I talked he mentioned calling me over the weekend. Well the weekend has gone and so has Monday and Tuesday. His loss someone elses win!

And well thats about all folks. Promise to write more next time and thanks to all those leaving comments.!

Monday, June 05, 2006

A Pleasant Change

I must say that in the day of technology crazy society it was refreshing to find that a single male found another use for his mobile phone other than to send sms, take luriud photos or checking his inbox or even listening to music. Yes a guy found another use for the convenient mobile phone....he called a girl to ask her to lunch!! WOW they still exist. I thought perhaps that breed had been bred out already.

So here goes....I met the guy on a recent event that was based on girls and guys over 30 to meet like minded 30 something professionals. It was last Wednesday night and after admittidly spending most of the night in the dark corners to avoid too much contact (trust me I am very rusty on my flirting skills) I came across a table to put my glass of wine down while I warmed my butt on the fire. I started talking to this guy and 3 drinks later was pleasantly surprised that "he kinda spoke my language" and trust me in the 'hoity toity' company we were thrown into it was a nice surprise. Any way move ahead an hour it was closing time and after sending myself off to the loo for a bit of "talk to oneself to get the guts up" I approached him and said "would you like my number just in case you find yourself thinking it would be good to go out and do something?" He said yeah sure and took my number and put it directly into his phone. We went our seperate ways.

2 days later I was in the supermarket (mid morning) and my mobile rang. It was him!! He had left a message to say "hey there its 'A1' and thought maybe that you would like to do something today. Hang on a minute! The guy used his phone and asked me out on a date? Nah can't be but yes (I checked the message twice). I am impressed. He didn't sms! (any boys out there reading this...stop the sms and get to the point and call....you get bonus points!)

So I called him back and we arranged a lunch date yesterday...very pleasant, he picked me up, he payed and then get this said "perhaps you would like to come my way during the week and have dinner at my place?" WHAT THE?Hold the phone is this guy for real?

Well I am not getting my hopes up and actually I am very very relaxed about it all. Even if he doesn't call me during the week to organise it I am happy just with the knowledge that "nice guys still exist".

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Not much going on but....

thought I would share anyway.

12 working days left at my current job. I am getting more and more in the I can’t wait to get out of here now that I know that I am going.
3 Things I won’t miss
1) The girl who sits to my left behind a ‘short’ partition with a ‘old and clicky’ keyboard. All I here is a resounding tap tap, click tap tap noise that drowns out all other sounds in the open plan office
2) The noise that my boss and colleague to my right make when eating. They eat with their mouth open and one likes to eat a carrot in the morning and a carrot in the afternoon
3) The South African chick with a really prominent accent that speaks so loudly and every sentence ends in a higher pitch and she NEVER stops talking
Can’t seem to get any tradesman to come to my home to provide a quotation on my planned renovation to my kitchen. If I do get one they won’t come out at times to suit me, which is before 8am and after 5pm or Saturday’s. I could take time off work but it’s not in my scruple/work ethic. (“Hmmm perhaps I should slacken that since I am leaving?”)
Social Life:
For a change I am actually quite busy this week. Tonight I am off to see Stomp after nabbing quite discounted seats from my brother whom works at the venue that they are playing at. That’s tonight and I am looking forward to it. Its been a while since I have been to a show, of any kind….unless you include the strip joint I went to when in Brisbane a few months back on a work junket? Haa hhaaa that’s a funny story that one.

Tomorrow night I am off to my parents for a roast lamb dinner. I hit my mum up for it as I tend to have to invite myself over for dinner to see them…not sure why that is it just is.

Friday night I am having a couple of friends whom I haven’t seen for quite some months and the weekend will be also catching up with friends that I have not seen for over a year for one reason or another.

Love Life:
What love life? And I don’t see that improving with the latest figures men 1 for 20 women

Bob the Dog:
Still gorgeous, still too smart and still the only man in life to speak of. And I am looking at getting a girl friend for him. At least he might get some action (don’t worry I am a big believer in sterilization and in adopting the unwanted).

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Sorry all! its forever hectic these days!

Well I start at Woodside in about 3 and 1/2 weeks. The offer accepted with a fantastic package that will enable me to get ahead in life and still manage to support my passion for travel. I am really happy with my decision. I just decided that I really want control back in my life and not saying there won't be challenges and a hard slog ahead I just know that with Woodsides' balanced approach to work and life I can achieve and maintain all my goals.

Starting with....My kitchen renovations. Away with the 70's cringe worthy decor - yes think Brown and Orange and lino to match and you have my kitchen. I have a new oven all ready to install, a design and even a new sink. I have chosen contempory and light, bright with a hint of avocado (paler version ) green for in glass for tiles. Just have to get 3 quotes and off to the bank for my renovation loan...although I already have pre - approval. Can't wait to get back to what I really enjoy...cooking for my family and friends.

trust all is well in blog land with everyone! till next issue..... LOZ
ps...looking at an addition for my family - that is a mate for Bob the dog ;o)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

WoooHooo - Life is good!

Just a quick update (as I am supposed to be working instead of blogging). News at hand….
I went for the job that my old boss contacted me for. It’s at Woodside and as I speak they are putting a letter of offer together (that will be the indicative offer) for my review.

The interview was first thing this morning in the city. I felt confident, yet I tried to not let arrogance come into that confidence. After the interview I came back to my normal job and not long after received a telephone call from the HR advisor that was present at the interview telling me they wanted to progress with a drug and alcohol test and then they would provide me with the letter of offer to digest and see if it is what I was aiming for.

The pay is brilliant, the conditions above normal practice. E.g. paid health insurance, 14% superannuation that 5% can be sacrificed to be in your pocket instead. Leave loading at 14% that can also be sacrificed plus bonuses in the vicinity of $10k per annum and yes there is a set of steak knives thrown in!

So the drug and alcohol test will be early next week and it will be decision time for me after that. And that’s a tough one. Great opportunities and plus’ in staying and going.

I am proud of myself and I ‘aint afraid to say it.

PS Concise thanks for your positive message.